The Therapeutic Support Circle has been created for parents, carers, and professionals that support young people that struggle with emotional overwhelm. When we ‘carry’ the emotional needs of others – we need to release them, so that we can be present with the child and not be triggered into past experiences.

Sessions are live, with the access thereafter, to recorded techniques. It is recommended that you attend the live sessions, as the energy of support in the session is extremely powerful.

“I am amazed at the impact your techniques have had on my life.  My job is very stressful. I have difficulty in dealing with stress and letting go of my anxieties.  I regularly do bilateral eye movement, tapping and grounding and these techniques have significantly reduced my stress levels.  I work with children with anxieties and I practise the same techniques with them to reduce their stress levels.

I look forward to our ‘Finding Balance’ sessions and afterwards I feel fantastic; clear headed, re-energised and anxieties lifted.  I have recommended your website to several colleagues.  Thanks for your advice, and your genuine care and concern about our lives” 


Our resources have been created, to provide a structured – systematic approach to supporting a young person’s emotional health.

They are all objective orientated, so that you know what you are working towards.  Simply, print them off and go through the process of understanding your child’s emotional needs.
The cover a range of emotional needs for neurotypical and neurodivergent brains:
  • ADHD
  • ASC
  • Anger + Rage
  • Anxiety + Stress
  • Art Therapy
  • Behaviour
  • Confidence + Self-esteem
  • Sensory Needs

“We recently created a sensory room in our school. I use this with my students for a check in and check out. We teach how their body feels, what they need, what they should do.”


We have a growing bank of on-demand training aimed at supporting you through this journey of awareness and empowerment.

Let’s even the playing field of knowledge and feel confident in understanding emotional health.

On-demand training includes access to:

  • Executive functions + ADHD
  • Understanding and Using Grounding Techniques
  • Lego-based Therapy Interventions
  • Art Therapy Interventions
  • Improving Attachment through Play
  • Understanding the Polyvagal Theory

“I found the Lego Therapy course really useful and will definitely be looking forward to implementing in my teaching.”


Our professional coaching service is used to support health or education professionals in developing their practice by providing an opportunity to set goals and work towards achieving them.

Coaching sessions are focused on a specific neurodevelopmental social, emotional, and mental health objective.   Sessions typically involve supporting the individual to identify areas of their practice they would like to improve, or skills they would like to develop further, and setting these as outcomes.




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