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My name is Tracy and I am a specialist teacher of children with social, emotional, and mental health difficulties. And more importantly, I’m a proud mum of a neurodivergent young person.

I created this service when my son began to struggle with his mental health – and we received nothing but waiting lists and closed doors.  The common response I received from professionals was ‘anxiety is part of this neurodevelopmental condition‘.

Specialist mental health professionals were unable to help our family – because the only approach they could offer was talk-based therapy.  Don’t get me wrong – talk-based therapy is brilliant for many people.  However, what happens when a child doesn’t want to or can’t talk about their emotional overwhelm?  What happens when their anger is so great, that services refuse to see them?

So, I did what any mother would do – I found a way to help my child.  Over the past 3 years, I have trained in every emotional health modality available, creating my own unique approach to support people looking for an alternative to talk-based therapy.

If you are a parent, carer, or professional and looking for an effective approach to support an emotionally dysregulated child – you are in the right place!  Here you will find access to resources, training, and support programmes – all focused on emotional health.

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Having watched this and also provided it to my child’s school, I highly recommend it ! Tracy Elizabeth Chadwick is fantastic and delivers this in such a relatable way.

Managing Demand Avoidance Training and Toolkit

The bilateral and binaural beats help my mind to slow down, rebalance and refocus by paying attention to the sound that is coming alternatively into my left and right ear. It also helps my body to soften, lighten and relax so the energy can flow more freely and more easily. I feel reenergized, refreshed and resettled in my body and in my mind after just 5 mins of listening to it. Now the bilateral and binaural beats are becoming one of my go-to self care practices. Thank you Tracy for sharing it with us.  Learn More

Bilateral and Binaural Music

Amazing product which we have started to use in school! This website has been a life saver and purchased lots from you since discovering it! As pastoral lead it is has been invaluable to my practice! Thank you look forward to future resources.  Learn More

Reflection Pack
How lucky was I to come across your page on Facebook? I can not recommend you’re services enough.
My daughter instantly felt safe with you and I could see just after the consultation session that she trusted you, which I believe is the first and most important step to seeking help.
You have not only helped my daughter come through what was a very very rough patch but the whole family have reaped the benefits from the therapy provided.
You’re kind, caring and professional skills really shone through and my daughter after only 3 weeks is now on her way back to her bubbly, confident, gorgeous teenage self.
Not only has her mood shot up but her self esteem, school work and family relationships have greatly improved. The skills you have taught her I hope she will use for the rest of her life not just her teen years! I may also use a few of them too.
We really are truly appreciative of everything you have done in such a short space of time.
Now it’s time to enjoy, live in the moment & breathe 🙂  Learn More
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