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My Story

As a specialist teacher working with children and young people facing social and emotional difficulties, I noticed a significant lack of resources for trauma-informed emotional regulation that focused on the needs of the Whole Child.

Too many children were struggling to express their feelings or recognise when they were triggered by situations – only to be offered talk-based therapies.

But what about the children that struggle to verbalise their emotional overwhelm, don’t have the words to express their feelings, or simply, don’t want to talk about it?

Children who may not understand the physical sensations that is connected to a named emotion or actively avoid experiencing them. They appear aggressive, when in reality, they are scared, burnt out, and in need of validation and empathy.

This led to the creation of the Child Therapy Service CIC, a not-for-profit social enterprise committed to making trauma-informed developmental provision accessible to all.

I create specialist therapeutic interventions and book external trainers that help us to meet the needs of the whole child – from attachment, through to sensory integration, emotional regulation, social communication, and self-esteem.

By considering all these areas, we can build on strong foundations and help these children heal.

Thank you for being part of a new wave of change, one that puts the needs of the child at the heart of everything else.

Tracy Chadwick

Creator of Bounce, the Whole Child Framework, and Founder of the Child Therapy Service CIC

Our Mission

Our mission is to create assessment tools and trauma-informed interventions that address the root causes of a child’s emotional dysregulation, allowing their nervous system to heal and preventing the development of mental health disorders later in life.

The Whole Child

Understanding and supporting children to thrive requires a trauma-informed developmental framework that considers their entire being: their internal nervous system, sensory preferences, and relationships with others.

By examining each of these aspects and taking a holistic approach – we put the child at the centre of everything, effectively address their needs and implement interventions for lasting change.

The Whole Child Framework delves into why a child’s nervous system might feel dysregulated, using Bounce as our guide. We explore the internal factors, understanding what triggers feelings of unsafety, as well as the external factors in their environment that contribute to dysregulation. We also focus on the in-between space, considering how we can build a supportive team around the child to aid in their healing process.

Through specialist interventions, we strive to integrate this knowledge and create a comprehensive plan to build greater capacity, help the child move beyond survival and into a state of thriving.

Meet our Trainers


Tracy is an experienced mainstream and SEND teacher and somatic practitioner, specialising in supporting children with social and emotional needs.

Motivated by her passion to integrate therapeutic interventions into mainstream practices, Tracy established the Child Therapy Service CIC. Her mission is to offer alternative approaches beyond conventional talk-based therapies, addressing the diverse needs of society.

Tracy proudly identifies as neurodivergent, a perspective that enriches her practice with a unique outlook. Through her inclusive approach to psychoeducation, she integrates educational principles with somatic techniques within a neurodivergent-affirming lens, creating training programmes and resources designed to address the holistic developmental needs of the whole child.

She is the proud author of the Bounce Approach (a Polyvagal-informed model) and the Whole Child Framework, which underpin everything you will find on this site.


Louise is a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist with over 20 years experience of working in a range of mental health settings within the NHS and also in various not-for-profit organisations.  She completed her Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) training 12 years ago and currently works as a Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist in the NHS.

Louise has worked with a range of people, including children and young people, families, older age adults, and those with new difficulties as well as those with more severe and enduring challenges.

She is passionate about adapting evidence based therapy to help each client achieve their individual goals, in a way that feels helpful to them at that point in time. Louise is aware that this can be a really challenging process and believes that a caring, understanding therapeutic relationship is essential to this.


Debbie specialises in early years and neurodevelopment. Debbie has worked with children and their families for over 20 years. She began her career as an Early Years Professional, gaining a wealth of knowledge and skills in early development through working with children aged 0-5 years across a variety of early years settings. Debbie then moved into a family advisory role where she worked closely with the whole family (with children aged 0-19 years) helping parents to identify and overcome difficulties while empowering them to confidently make changes in order to successfully meet their child’s needs. During this time Debbie trained as a facilitator in various parenting programmes and has combined her learning to create her own approach to parenting which is tailored to the individual family and is based on developing positive relationships, communication and attunement with your child.

Currently, Debbie works for the NHS supporting families with children who are neurodivergent; she specialises in Autism and Pathological Demand Avoidance (PDA). Debbie is a qualified nursery nurse (NNEB) and has a degree in childhood studies and psychology.  Debbie has also completed qualifications in working with families, counselling skills and PDA.


Claire began her career as a youth worker in East Sussex as she felt passionate about supporting young people to overcome barriers in their lives and to offer them a different experience. Claire built on this passion through the management of health services targeting disadvantaged young people within East Sussex.

With an interest in people and wanting to develop her skills and knowledge, Claire pursued training in Counselling Psychology and Psychotherapy. She now has ten years’ experience working with young people in a psychotherapeutic capacity, supporting young people to work through a range of issues including addictions, self-harming, relationships, loss, bereavement, anxiety and depression.


Hi!  I’m Kim Griffin, occupational therapist and founder of GriffinOT.

I qualified as occupational therapist in Australia in 2003.  Since then, I’ve had the privilege of working with many children and their families, as well as teachers.  I have worked in Australia, Ireland and the UK.  A core focus of my career has been helping children who have sensory processing differences and/or motor skill challenges.  This includes extensive experience supporting children with developmental delays, dyspraxia/DCD, specific learning difficulties and autistic children.  In addition, I have been lucky enough to complete training with many of the leaders in the field of sensory integration, such as Lucy Miller and Zoe Mailloux.

This background has provided me with the knowledge and motivation to set up the GriffinOT online supports.  I believe that occupational therapists have unique skills which can help children who may have sensory difficulties, and /or poor coordination skills.  My goal is to ensure that all families and school have immediate access to this occupational therapy expertise.  I want them to know how they can help their children to succeed at the things that are important to them.


Soli Lazarus is a former teacher with 30 years experience culminating her career as a SENCO in a large primary school in London. Her adult son has ADHD so knows what it’s like to live with the chaos, unpredictability and an extremely loving little whirlwind.

Soli set up Yellow Sun in 2015 to support families with a child with ADHD and also delivers outstanding training to schools.

She writes a blog, produces a podcast and has a thriving Facebook support group.

Soli has recently published a children’s picture book ‘ADHD Is Our Superpower’ aimed at empowering young people to see themselves in a positive way.


Kate is passionate about an evidence based patient centred form of healthcare and incorporates lifestyle medicine into her practice.

This focuses on the key areas of diet, inflammation, stress, sleep, exercise, gut health and trauma giving you a 360 degree look at your health.

Kate works closely with GPs and Consultants where possible to ensure continuity of care.


My name is Nickie Sutton and I am the Specialist Sleep Practitioner at Peak Sleep.

​Sleep deprivation affects every member of the family in every way – their sleep, their health, their work. It doesn’t need to be this way, and I am here to help.

​I offer individual support for adults and parents, as well as a comprehensive training package for charities, schools and organisations.

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