Therapeutic Approaches to EBSA


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Welcome to Therapeutic Approaches to EBSA

This webinar explores emotionally-based school avoidance, through a nurturing, therapeutic approach.

It includes training and practical ideas to support children.

  • Ideal for families and professionals
  • Perfect staff CPD
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  • Accessible for 14-Days

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In this training, we will look at case study examples of how children have been given a voice in their emotional overwhelm, and with the support of these easy-to-use therapeutic interventions and school adaptions, positive change happened.

It provides practical, creative, and nurture-based approaches that can be used to form part of a new, or existing intervention for that student.

Who would benefit from this training?

  • Professionals looking for a creative way to help children re-engage in education
  • Families looking to understand the barriers their child is facing, so that they are able to work collaboratively with the school

Learning Objectives

  • What is Emotionally-based School Avoidance?
  • What does the Research tell us about the increase of Emotionally-based School Avoidant Students?
  • Review Key Areas from the research
  • Exploring Provision – Assessing, Early Identification, and Provision #Universal #Targeted #Specialist
  • Discuss Case Study Examples
  • Considerations #autisticburnout

In this training we will review strategies to identify the child’s barriers to accessing school, including:

  • Pupil Voice Checklist: The use of checklists to identify SEMH barriers and what this information means to the school
  • Visuals: The use of visuals to identify SEMH barriers in minutes
  • Drawing: The use of drawings, symbols, and storyboards
  • Sand Tray: Using sand trays to conceptualise the child’s inner world

These interventions can form part of a soft landing, a nurture-based provision, they can be incorporated into their EHCP, or as a short-term provision for students unable to access any teaching and learning provision. IMPORTANT NOTE: This workshop is not about fixing the child, forcing them to conform, and return to school.

Training Duration:  1hr 51min

How to Access the Training

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