Running a Comic Strip Intervention


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Welcome to Running Comic Strip Interventions

A comic strip intervention, utilising visual storytelling, aids children struggling with understanding different perspectives, particularly in conflicts, by promoting empathy and perspective-taking skills through engaging narratives.

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A comic strip intervention involves using visual storytelling, typically in the form of a comic strip, to help children understand different perspectives, particularly in conflict situations. By visually representing characters and their interactions, comic strips provide a concrete and engaging way for children to explore various viewpoints and understand the consequences of actions.

This visual medium allows children to step into the shoes of different characters, promoting empathy and perspective-taking skills, which are crucial for resolving conflicts and fostering positive social interactions.

In this webinar, we will explore the power of drawing – to provide an intervention that will enable the facilitator:

  • To hear the child’s subconscious mind
  • To give the child a voice
  • To provide the child with perspective
  • To support de-escalation through co-regulation
  • To help facilitate change – in negative thoughts, actions, emotions, and behavioural patterns

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this webinar you will understand how:

  • Simple drawings help us understand a child’s inner world
  • To apply drawings into timelines, including thoughts and actions
  • To apply drawings into perspective taking to resolve conflict
  • To use drawings to improve emotional intelligence


  • My Emotions Chart
  • My Energy Curve
  • My Story Map
  • My Symbols Chart

Training Duration:  1hr 28mins

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