Managing Demand Avoidance Toolkit


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Welcome to the Demand Avoidance Toolkit

This is a great addition to your toolkit of ideas, for those supporting children with demand avoidance.  If you are looking for greater understanding an a process driven approach – we recommend you attend your Managing Demand Avoidance Training.  This training includes the 2024 up-dated version of this toolkit.


  • To provide a safe environment that puts the emotional well-being of children (and staff) first
  • To offer visual tools to help the child identify what emotional state they are in
  • To provide a visual reminder of effective wellness activities to incorporate into the day
  • To empower children with self and co-regulation strategies to regulate their system effectively

Managing Demand Avoidance Toolkit

The Managing Demand Avoidance Toolkit offers a structured method for understanding the reasons behind a child’s resistance to instructions/demands/commands. It serves as a valuable complement to therapeutic and trauma-informed approaches, aiming to systematically assist children in recognising and articulating their feelings towards demands.

This resource employs a collaborative, problem-solving approach, where adults work alongside children to identify and address obstacles. By fostering a supportive environment, adults play a crucial role in guiding children through their challenges. The toolkit encourages a nuanced understanding of how demands are perceived and experienced by children, emphasising empathy and patience in the process.

Central to this toolkit is the systematic identification of triggers and barriers that contribute to demand avoidance behaviours. By using this methodical approach, adults can gain insights into the underlying reasons for a child’s resistance. This understanding enables tailored strategies to be developed, promoting effective communication and cooperation between adults and children.

Moreover, the toolkit emphasises a proactive stance in helping children build resilience and self-regulation skills. It encourages adults to engage in ongoing dialogue with children, fostering trust and mutual understanding. Through collaborative problem-solving sessions, children are empowered to develop coping mechanisms and strategies to navigate demands more effectively.

To learn more about this approach, please consider attending one of our training sessions.

This pack contains:

  • Activity 1: Rate Demands Against the Bounce Scale
  • Activity 2: Link the Scale and Activity to a Physical Sensation
  • Activity 3: Problem Solve Solutions to Reduce Overwhelm
  • Activity 4: Prioritise Demands
  • Activity 5: Demand Flexibility

Pack information

  • Number of Pages: 71
  • Font: Open Dyslexia
  • Format: High quality PDF file
  • Video Tutorial: It also includes an instruction video and activity ideas!

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