Different Behaviour Between Home and School Webinar


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Welcome to Different Behaviour Between Home and School

In this webinar, we review the ‘why’ behind a child that may present calm and regulated in one setting, but very different in another.  It is a solution focused approach on how to support them.

It includes training and resources to get you started.

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This webinar helps attendees understand why children exhibit different emotions at home versus school, why they may struggle to maintain composure throughout the day, and the neurological processes behind emotional dysregulation, including the “flip lid” response.

Learn strategies to support children when they feel triggered and unsafe, and discover effective approaches to help them feel more grounded and calm. The training provides a systematic approach to helping the child feel safer in all environments.

Learning Outcomes, from the Viewpoint of the Child:

  • Why I show different emotions at home verses school
  • Why I can struggle to keep things together for a whole day
  • What is happening inside my brain – to make ‘flip my lid’ when I get home
  • That, a times, my brain is being triggered (activated) – and I feel unsafe
  • How to help me, so that I do feel so wobbly and filled with adrenaline
  • How to work together – because safe people are consistent and act the same way

Included Resources:

  • Visual planner (home and school)
  • Whole Child Assessment Tracker
  • Restore, Repair, Prevent Toolkit
  • Identifying and Reducing Triggers Resources
  • Sensory Profile Checklist
  • Emotion Words and Pictures

Training Duration:  58mins

How to Access the Training

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