Understanding and Applying Grounding Techniques


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Welcome to Understanding and Applying Grounding Techniques

This training explores emotions through the polyvagal theory, grounding techniques, and co-regulation, emphasising managing arousal levels and integrating techniques into daily routines.

It includes training and resources to get you started.

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This training explores the intricate world of emotions, focusing on understanding their various states through the lens of the polyvagal theory and conscious brain processes. It delves into how grounding techniques can effectively move individuals through these emotional states, utilising sensory-based strategies.

It reviews the adrenaline curve to help us understand the significance of managing arousal levels. Additionally, it emphasises the importance of co-regulation in navigating emotional experiences and provides practical guidance on integrating grounding techniques into daily routines.

This training has been used and adapted by White Hall Academy School with amazing results (View Whitehall Academy Report).

Learning Objectives:

  • Understanding our states of emotions #polyvagal
  • Understanding these states of emotions in the brain #conscious
  • Understanding how grounding moves us through these states
  • Reviewing the adrenaline curve and why it’s important
  • Exploring each grounding technique linked to our senses
  • Understanding the importance co-regulation
  • Using grounding techniques on a day-to-day basis


  • Grounding Techniques Checklist
  • Grounding Techniques Resource Pack – Self-soothing, Physical, and Visual

Training Duration:  54mins

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Testimonials from Learning Support Assistants

These testimonials follow on from the implementation of grounding techniques in Whitehall Academy Primary School:

“He particularly likes the times table one. Sometimes, he prefers to have a quick chat instead, as once he’s told someone what he wants to say, he generally settles down. The other children in the class also wanted to be grounded so we let xxx ground them using the breathing activity, during a mindfulness session. I would definitely recommend that others try it.” (LSA of a Year 5 child)

“I have been using the grounding activities with xxx and xxx this year. I believe it has helped both children to settle in the class first thing in the morning, to calm them before their learning begins. The grounding activities were easy to use, and, after exhausting the ideas, I adapted my own e.g. looking at pictures describing what’s going on, playing noughts and crosses, scribble drawings turning them into pictures, playing kims game, reading their books to me, modelling playdoh amongst other things. It was good to have some pointers and ideas, to adapt and expand on. There was nothing I didn’t like about it.” (LSA of Year 4 pupil)



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