Restorative Justice in Schools


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Welcome to Restorative Justice in Schools

In this training, we’ll explore behaviour management in education, dissecting Restorative Justice principles from traditional approaches and delving into the neuroscience of punitive measures, aiming to equip participants with a restorative mindset for fostering accountability, empathy, and holistic student development.

It includes training and resources to get you started.

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In this training, we will explore behaviour management systems within education and dissect the basic principles of Restorative Justice, distinguishing its differences from conventional approaches. We will delve into the neurological underpinnings surrounding punitive measures, fostering a deeper comprehension of their implications.

By the end of the webinar, you will have an understanding of how this new approach could be applied in your setting, with a more restorative approach, equipping participants with actionable insights to promote accountability, empathy, and holistic student development.


  • What is the traditional approach to Behaviour Management? #Teachers’ Standards
  • What is Restorative Justice and How does it Differ from Traditional Approaches?
  • What is the problem with ‘Punishment’? Let’s explore the Neuroscience!
  • What would a Restorative Approach look like in Schools


  • Well-being Support Plan
  • Restorative Approach to Conflict Activity Pack
  • Resolving Unhelpful Thinking Patterns Activity Pack
  • Restorative Questions Lanyard
  • Restorative Reflection Sheet

Training Duration:  2hr 11mins

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