Negative Behaviour and Emotional Intelligence


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Welcome to Preventing negative behaviour and resolving conflict through Emotional Intelligence

In this webinar, we’ll explore emotional intelligence and the Theory of Mind, understanding that emotional intelligence varies across different developmental levels, and we’ll discuss its connection to problem-solving and planning, using a case study of ‘Sid’ to learn how to identify and develop emotional regulation skills.

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In this training, we’ll explore emotional intelligence and delve into the Theory of Mind, which revolves around understanding other people’s thoughts and feelings. We’ll observe how emotional intelligence isn’t singular but exists on different levels, forming a developmental continuum. Additionally, we’ll examine the interconnectedness of emotional intelligence with problem-solving and planning. Through a case study featuring ‘Sid’, the training will explore identifying instances where children may need support with their emotional regulation skills and how to foster their development.

Learning Outcomes

  • Emotional intelligence + The Theory of Mind
  • Understanding the Theory of Mind
  • Seeing Emotional Intelligence as a Continuum #levels
  • Emotional Intelligence + Executive Functions
  • Case Study: Meet Sid and What’s Behind Sid’s Behaviour
  • Identifying Emotional Intelligence ‘Skill Gaps’
  • Building Emotional Intelligence Skills (developmentally)
  • Repairing Conflict to Prevent Patterns of Negative Behaviour (without Shame)
  • Final Thoughts


  • Emotional Activation Scale
  • A Restorative Approach to Conflict
  • Resolving an Unhelpful Thinking Pattern
  • Velcro Visuals for Reflection Pack
  • The Reflection Pack
  • The Reflection Pack Guide
  • Proactive Solution Sheet
  • Problem Solving Plan
  • Positive Belief System Cards

Training Duration:  1hr 24mins

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