Lego-based Therapy Intervention Pack [School Licence]


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Welcome to the Lego-based Therapy Toolkit Bundle

This huge pack of resources gives your school everything they need to run this intervention across their setting.


  • To promote collaborative play and communication among children to improve their social interactions and teamwork abilities
  • To encourage creative thinking and problem-solving through structured Lego building tasks and challenges
  • To strengthen fine motor coordination and dexterity by manipulating small Lego pieces during construction activities
  • To build children’s confidence and self-esteem by providing opportunities for success and achievement in Lego projects
  • To help children manage emotions and develop coping strategies by engaging in calming, focused Lego building sessions

Enhancing Social Skills: The Lego-based Therapy Intervention Pack

Lego-based Therapy is a dynamic, play-based intervention that harnesses the creativity and engagement of Lego building to support children with social communication challenges. Originally designed for autistic children, this intervention focuses on improving collaboration, communication, and problem-solving abilities through structured group play.

During each session, participants take on specific roles such as builder, supplier, or architect, which encourages teamwork and facilitates turn-taking. As they collaborate to construct models, children practice essential social skills like sharing, active listening, and resolving conflicts—all within an enjoyable and stimulating environment.

This innovative approach not only enhances social competencies but also boosts self-confidence and cultivates meaningful peer interactions, making it an effective and enjoyable intervention.

Our comprehensive Lego-based Therapy Intervention Pack equips you with all the necessary tools to implement this program throughout your school!

We always recommend you have attended training prior to running this intervention – so that you fully understand how to use the resources below.

This pack contains

  • Baseline Assessments: Lego-Style Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale, In -session Assessments, Pro-social Skills for Individual and Groups
  • Job Roles/Posters and Cards
  • Behavioural Expectation Rule Posters and Cards
  • Free Play Lego Construction Idea Cards
  • Emotional Regulation Aids: Lego-style Emotional Dial, Bounce Emotional Scale – Strips + Fans, and Lego-style scale
  • Co-regulation Prompt Cards to support dysregulated children
  • Session Outline – inc. visuals
  • Parent or Carer Consent Template Letter
  • Lego-based Reward Certificates
  • Speech and Language Visual Aids – including instruction guides and concept mats
  • Brick Names

Resource Pack Ideas

  • Social Skills Groups: Organise structured Lego-based therapy sessions as part of social skills groups within the setting.
  • Classroom Inclusion Activities: Implement Lego-based therapy sessions as inclusive classroom activities, where students of different abilities work together on Lego-based projects. This promotes understanding and acceptance among peers.
  • Peer Mentoring Programmes: Pair students who excel in social skills with those who need additional support, and engage them in joint Lego-based building activities. This peer mentoring approach fosters positive relationships and mutual learning.
  • Cross-Age Collaborations: Facilitate collaborative Lego-based projects involving students from different classes. This encourages mentoring, leadership skills, and a sense of community across the setting.
  • Celebration of Diversity: Use Lego-based therapy to celebrate cultural diversity and inclusivity by encouraging students to build models that reflect their identities, traditions, and values.


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