Expanding the Window of Capacity


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Welcome to Expanding the Window of Capacity

This webinar explores what the window of tolerance/capacity is and how we can use this information to support children.

It includes training and practical ideas to support children.

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The ‘window of tolerance’, or as we like to call it the ‘window of capacity’ is a concept developed by Dr. Dan Siegel that describes the optimal zone of arousal where a person can function effectively and manage stress. For children, understanding their window of capacity can be incredibly helpful in recognising and regulating their emotions.

When within this window, children feel calm, focused, and capable of handling challenges. However, outside this window, they might feel overwhelmed, anxious, or shut down. Teaching children about the window of capacity helps them identify when they’re starting to feel stressed and use coping strategies, like deep breathing or taking a break, to bring themselves back to a state of balance. This understanding empowers them to manage their emotions better and feel more in control of their experiences.

Learning Objectives

  • To review the Polyvagal Framework in relation to the Window of Tolerance
  • To explore how the body gets activated – out of it’s Window of Tolerance
  • To understand how internal and external resources can bring us back into the Window of Tolerance
  • To explore different types of resourcing tools


  • Sensory Regulating Toolkit

Training Duration:  43 mins

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