Effective Transition into Secondary School


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Welcome to Effective Transition into Secondary School

This webinar explores the research behind effective transition and how we as parents/carers and professionals can work together to put an effective plan in place to support at risk students.

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Effective transition strategies are key to helping students move smoothly from primary to secondary school. They prevent academic dips, ease anxiety, and build a sense of belonging, especially for at-risk students and those identified as having special educational needs and disabilities.

Tailored support plans address individual needs, reducing absenteeism and boosting engagement. Early preparation, including orientation sessions and mentoring programs, ensures that students and parents feel informed and involved. This webinar discusses each of these approaches, laying a positive foundation for long-term academic and social success.

Learning Objectives

  • To explore the Key Findings of the STARS Report
  • To review the Key Findings of the UCL Report
  • To highlight the Key Findings in the Education Endowment Foundation Study
  • To identify the Key Findings in the Children’s Commissioner’s Study
  • Based on these Key Findings Explore the Commonalities and Ideas for Successful Transition

Resources Included

  • Visual Prompts and Question Cards – Secondary School Transition
  • All about Me
  • Assessment for High Risk

Time Limited Offer: This webinar is only available to access until 31st June 

Training Duration:  55mins

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