Bounce Self and Co-Regulation Posters


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Welcome to the Bounce Self and Co-Regulation Posters

If you are looking to embed the Bounce Approach in your setting, this pack is for you – it contains create visual representation of the scale alongside strategies to self and co-regulate emotions.


  • To provide a safe environment that puts the emotional well-being of children (and staff) first
  • To offer visual tools to help the child identify what emotional state they are in
  • To provide a visual reminder of effective wellness activities to incorporate into the day
  • To empower children with self and co-regulation strategies to regulate their system effectively

Bounce Self and Co-Regulation Posters

Introducing the Bounce Self and Co-Regulation Posters: A Comprehensive Toolkit for Emotional Support

Designed specifically to aid facilitators in addressing the emotional needs of children under their care, this resource provides a versatile set of visual tools.

Enhancing Displays

For effective display use, begin with introductory lessons on emotional concepts, emphasising the scale of emotions and how these tools contribute to regulating emotions back to a balanced state. Integrate ‘wellness breaks’ aligned with the display, such as guided breathing exercises after activities, demonstrating effective strategies while promoting classroom well-being.

Practical Mats for Individual or Group Use

Print and utilise these posters in personalised or small group settings. Guide children through each emotional state depicted, helping them understand and employ the tools to regulate their emotions effectively.

Understanding the Scale

Displayed alongside are scales ranging from 1 to 5, each symbolising different intervention levels for adults. This approach prioritises nervous system regulation over behavioural management:

  • Level 1 – Go: Children can independently use these tools for self-regulation.
  • Level 2 – Pause: Activation prompts tool use, sometimes needing adult guidance.
  • Level 3 – Seek/Find: High arousal necessitates adult co-regulation to manage adrenaline and cortisol.
  • Level 4 – Stop: Safety concerns arise as adrenaline and cortisol overwhelm.
  • Level 5 – Seek/Find: Block emotions to prevent overwhelm, needing adult reassurance to feel secure.

Daily Application and Long-term Goals

Recognising the fluid nature of emotional states, the goal is consistent awareness and effective regulation to prevent prolonged high-stress states (Levels 3, 4, 5). Empowering children to recognise and manage these fluctuations fosters emotional resilience and stability.

By integrating these posters into daily routines and interventions, educators and caregivers not only support immediate emotional needs but also cultivate lifelong emotional regulation skills essential for overall well-being.

To explore how this resource can be used alongside social and emotional interventions, please check out our Training Events Line-up.

This pack contains

  • Display Areas of Regulation: Green, Yellow, Orange Areas
  • Self and Co-Regulation Display Posters/Mats
  • Emotional Scale Strips: 2 versions
  • Self/Co-regulation Tool Cards (42 image cards)

Pack information

  • Total Number of Pages: 22
  • Font:  Arial
  • Format: High Quality PDF File
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