Using NLP to De-escalate and Defuse Conflict


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Welcome to Using NLP to De-escalate and Defuse Conflict

Using NLP and PACE, parents, carers and professionals can de-escalate aggression in children by improving communication, building rapport, accepting feelings, exploring thoughts with curiosity, and showing empathy, creating a safe, supportive environment.

In this training, we focus on pulling all of that information together, so you walk away with practical ideas based on real case study examples.

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NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) is a psychological approach that focuses on understanding and changing thought patterns and behaviours. It can help de-escalate aggression in children by teaching parents, carers, and professionals techniques to communicate effectively, build rapport, and reframe negative behaviours positively.

In this training we explore the principles of NLP and then apply it do case study examples alongside integrating PACE (Playfulness, Acceptance, Curiosity, Empathy), which is a therapeutic approach developed by Dr. Daniel Hughes.

Learning Objectives

  • Discussing separation anxiety and it’s purpose for a child – introducing the anxiety cycle
  • What Is NLP?
  • Why Is It Important To Understand The Child’s Inner World?
  • What Is The Connection Between – Communication And Anger?
  • How Does Our Internal World – Impact On Our Behaviour?
  • Case Study Example: Meet Sid
  • De-escalating with Attunement
  • De-escalating with Pace
  • De-escalating with Communication Styles
  • Final Recap

Training Duration:  58mins

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