De-escalation through Co-regulation


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Welcome to De-escalation through Co-regulation

This webinar explores common types of anxiety, how it presents in the physiology of the child, and how we can help the child to reduce it.

It includes training and a bank of resources for a solution focused approach.

  • Ideal for families and professionals
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In this training – we will be exploring the Neurosequential Model of Dr. Bruce Perry. Whereby we will look at strategies to de-escalate and meet the child where they are emotionally.

Using the right strategy – at that right time. Moving the child away from reactive stress … into a more regulated state.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand Dr Perry’s Neurosequential Model (3Rs and 6Rs)
  • Understand what co-regulation means in relation to this model
  • Explore how this model links to the Polyvagal Theory
  • Applying co-regulation strategies to conflict scenarios


  • Neuro-developmental Co-regulating Activities
  • Co-regulation Prompt Cards

Bonus Videos

  • Understanding the impact of blood sugar levels
  • De-escalation through sensory-based activities

Training Duration:  1hr 34mins

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