Our Impact

Our Mission

Our mission is to improve mental well-being and life chances of families by improving the social, emotional, and mental health of young people.

Our Vision

Our vision is that fewer young people experience poor mental well-being, so that they can engage in education to fulfil their potential as a successful member of their community.

The Problem

  • Mental health is at crisis point in schools (1)
  • Teachers across the UK are showing signs of depression (2)
  • Growing crisis of mental ill-health in schools (3)
  • Vulnerable children are not accessing any education (4)

Our Core Aims

The core aims of Child Therapy Service CIC is to provide a specialist neurodevelopmental wrap-around service for school aged children who have social, emotional, and mental health needs that result in challenging or distressed behaviours that cause them to disengage from education.

We are determined to:

  • Empower young people and their families to manage their own emotional needs
  • Improve the emotional health and well-being of disadvantaged young people
  • Respond to the needs of families of young people that experience early signs of mental health problems arising from the Covid-19 pandemic

2020 – 2021 Impact Report

Only when we measure impact – can we make the necessary improvements for sustainable change towards our mission.  We achieve this through feedback on our resources, training, and support services.  View Impact Report 2021 – 2022.


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