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Wingwave Coaching

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What is Wingwave?

The Wingwave method is an emotional coaching technique that quickly and tangibly reduces stress and increases creativity, mental fitness, and the ability to cope with conflicts.

And, this all happens just after a few sessions!

This resourceful effect is created by a basic intervention that seems very simple: the creation of ‘induced´ REM (Rapid Eye Movement) phases which we experience while sleeping and dreaming. The coach waves in front of the coachee’s eyes using rapid hand movements.

Thanks to the myostatic test,  a particularly well-researched muscle feedback tool, the exact issue is determined in advance and the effectiveness of the intervention is proven afterwards.

What does it involve?

The Wingwave coaching session combines:

  • Bilateral Hemisphere Stimulation – such as induced REM (Rapid Eye Movement) phases when awake, auditive or tactile left-right stimulation

  • Neurolinguistic Coaching – Language is used as a brain-friendly coaching compass on the path to your goal

  • Myostatic test/Kinesiology – The muscle test to identify root causes to the anxiety or self-limiting belief

How does it help with Anxiety and Self-Limited Beliefs?

The most amazing thing about the process – is that the client doesn’t even have to talk about the event or experience, to overcome it.

The muscle testing and neurolinguistic coaching element of the process is able to identify root causes quickly, without the need to talk about it all over again.  This is why it’s so effective for children that simply want to be free of the emotional overwhelm.

What do Sessions Look Like?

Wingwave sessions are part of a therapeutic programme identified at the initial consultation.  It will form part of the overall intervention alongside Drawing and TalkingReAttach, Tapping, and Neutral-Space Relaxation.