Welcome to the Child Therapy Service, a proud not-for-profit social enterprise dedicated to promoting the emotional well-being and mental health of children, families, and the professionals who support them.

Our mission is to enhance well-being by providing everyone surrounding the child with effective tools that can ensure the early identification and provision of social and emotional health problems in children.

We design a range of therapeutic interventions, training, courses, and resources to enable children to reach their full potential, improve educational engagement, and enhance their social skills.


At the Child Therapy Service CIC, we aspire to helping children, families, and professionals surrounding the child in improving their well-being by raising awareness of the key factors that influence it.

Our approach brings evidenced-based therapeutic models into schools.

We believe that each child’s behaviour is an expression of an underlying need.   Our unique approach is designed to help adults understand and meet the specific needs that these behaviours are communicating through effective interventions.

Whole Child Assessment Tool

To help you in this process, we’ve developed a therapeutic Whole Child Assessment Tool.

This guide assists in uncovering the specific therapeutic provisions that can meet the individual needs of each child.

 How to use

  1. Firstdownload the FREE Whole Child Assessment Tracker
  2. Then, identify the highest area of need (largest number)
  3. Next, select provision from our Whole Child Toolkit to meet need
  4. Finally, implement provision and review progress after 3/4 weeks

Interested in learning more about this model? Then become a Whole Child Practitioner!






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