Training Reviews

Over the past few years I have attended training sessions and coffee and chats in person and on Zoom led by Tracy.  These have been invaluable.  Tracy shares her vast knowledge in an accessible way.  She helps me to know that I am not alone in my struggles, and she provides training to help ourselves and our neuro divergent children.  The wealth of resources on her website is outstanding.  And new resources continue to appear!  I often recommend Child Therapy Services to other parents because I find it so useful.  She deserves a medal for the work she is doing.  Learn More


I found the Lego Therapy course really useful and will definitely be looking forward to implementing in my teaching.

Eden Judkins

A really great course! I would totally recommend to others and cant wait to put it into practice in my work place, thank you Tracy! (Exploring Emotions through Art Workshop)

LK (Google Review)

Wow, what an amazing resources & training to help support children & their wellbeing. Outstanding training, knowledgeable staff & fantastic resources. Thank you x (Well-being Practitioner Course)

Louise Whitwell

I attended one of Tracy’s courses and was so impressed by both the content and her obvious knowledge and skills, I immediately knew I wanted her to come to our setting! Tracy provides an incredible service, she even spent time with me before the training evening so we could decide upon the focus of the session. She is always easy to contact and very flexible. The training itself was eye-opening, engaging and thought provoking. Staff now feel more confident in providing provision and care that supports the well-being and resilience of our children. Tracy is incredibly generous with the resources she obviously spends so long creating. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Tracy to any setting looking to improve their pastoral care for all children, not just for those with SEN


Really great and informative training and resources. Tracey was really helpful and friendly.

Sam Wells