Wingwave® Emotion Coaching

What is Wingwave?

Everything that you experience with your senses (vision, hearing, smell, taste, and touch) and feelings, you naturally store and remember in the REM phase of sleeping.

Information is emotionally processed, stored, and integrated with previous experiences. When you experience something that is stressful, emotional, and painful, it may not get processed and the memory becomes like a splinter.  A trigger that is activated at any-time.

Even years after a stressful experience, you can have unpleasant mental images, feelings or even sounds that remind you of that event. You feel as if it happened yesterday.

After Wingwave ® Coaching, when you think about the event, it no longer has any power over you. The memory of the event is not wiped, rather, the way you look at it is forever changed. Now you are in control.

What do Coaching Sessions Look Like?


The client’s eyes follow the Wingwave® coach’s fingers waving in front of his/her face. This simulates a REM phase while the client is awake and the stressful and ‘stuck’ emotions begin to be processed at a rapid rate.  In this method, we use bilateral stimulation of the brain hemisphere (the EMDR method), kinesthetic testing and elements of neuro-linguistic programming.

It is quite extraordinary that, not only do stressful feelings dissolve, they are replaced by new, pleasant feelings. The triggers disappear, creativity develops and, instead of feeling down, the client feels confident and able to meet new challenges.


Remote sessions are a wonderful balance of creativity and resolve.

Ideal for children that may experience anxieties and not know why.  Together, we work on the subconscious mind – drawing, storytelling, music, and eye movements – moving any negative emotion out of the body.  The child may still have a memory of it – but not an emotional connection.

This subtle – yet, extremely powerful coaching session has had amazing results for children with many needs, include those that need to control their food intake, friendships, and family.  Neurodiverse children that struggle with emotional overwhelm and extreme anxiety.

Why not book a consultation and see if this is right for your child!

How Much are the Sessions?

Costs are dependent on times, evenings and weekend slots are charged at a different rate:

  • Initial 30 Consultation:  £15+
  • Sessions:  £60+
  • Duration:  30 minutes
  • Programme:  4 + Sessions
  • Bookings: Book 1 Session per Week