Kids Coaching

What are Kids Coaching Sessions?

The kids coaching sessions are bespoke remote sessions that focus on a child’s emotional needs.  Following an initial consultation – we discuss the suitability of this option, reviewing the child’s individual strengths and interests.

It is similar to the Mind-Body programme, focusing on a bottom-up approach.  Regulating the nervous system, so that the child understands what ‘calm’ feels like.  Once this is achieved, we focus on the skill of building emotional intelligence.  So that the child understands how to identify, label, and manage their emotions.

The 30 minute sessions target skills that are underdeveloped – working collaboratively on the science behind emotions.  Which is why these sessions are ideal for neuro-diverse brains, as these children love facts, science is fact – once you understand it, you can manage it.

What do Sessions Look Like?

As with the Mind-Body Programme, work with the child is very much based on their individual needs.  The pace is adapted throughout the session into bite-sized chunks – which is why, this approach is very effective for neuro-divergent children.

Not all children are able to ‘talk through’ their anxieties – however, they can process and manage them through co-regulation and self-regulating strategies.  Sessions are no longer than 30 minutes.

These strategies include: 

  • Applied Relaxation Technique/Progressive Muscle Relaxation
  • Guided Visualisations & Meditation
  • Deep Breath-work
  • Bilateral Integration
  • Grounding Techniques
  • Therapeutic Expression through Artwork
  • Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping)
  • The Bounce Approach (Polyvagal Theory)
  • Independent Skills to – Identify, Label, Express and Regulate Emotions

As these sessions are bespoke, they are booked on an individual basis.  Children can come and go, as they need.

How Much are the Sessions?

Costs are dependent on times, evenings and weekend slots are charged at a higher rate:

  • Initial 30 Minute Consultation: £15+
  • Session:  £35+
  • Duration:  30 minutes
  • Booking:  Book 1 Session per Week

Costs include resources to use at home, such as bespoke meditations, visualisations, relaxing music, and tapping sequences.

What to others Say?

“My son had individual sessions to support him with resilience, self esteem, and emotional regulation. He really benefitted from the sessions and Tracey sent ideas to do at home too.” Hannah Ruth