Peer Support Coffee Mornings

What are Peer Support Coffee Mornings?

Each month, we run a remote coffee morning session via Zoom.  It is a safe-space, focused on specific needs for your family.  We come together, to support each other during a difficult time.

It’s a place where you can off-load, be honest, and know that everyone there understands. There are specific sessions, for families of children with:

  • Behaviours that are challenging
  • A PDA (Demand Avoidant) Profile
  • Anxiety
  • Anxiety-led School Avoidance

There is a cost of £1 (+Eventbrite fees), simply so that people turn up.  When it’s free, we don’t value it.

What do Others Say?

“This is a safe place for parents to share. Run by a teacher/parent to support others. Good network.” Louisa

“I attended my first CTS coffee morning this week and it was so nice being in a space where I felt comfortable enough to share.

The morning was led by Tracy and she did it in such a way that it felt really relaxed, it felt like we, as parents, could talk and be heard rather than just being talked at. I felt we were able to be quite open with each other about our experiences and also able to ask questions without being judged.   It was refreshing to be in a group with a professional leading the discussion but not making you feel like they are the professional/expert and you are not, I felt everyone was taken at face value and any contribution made to the group was valid, including myself/my own.  


I really enjoyed it and came away feeling so much more positive. I’ll definitely be attending more coffee mornings and events.” Dolly


Thank you for holding the PDA parents support group Tracy. It was helpful to feel less isolated in a period where many other young people are returning to school, and my daughter cannot.   All the mums in the conversation had similar challenges and it is so human to hear other’s stories and to be able to relate. You enabled the conversation to flow nicely in the time we had together online”  Anon