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How lucky was I to come across your page on Facebook? I can not recommend you’re services enough.
My daughter instantly felt safe with you and I could see just after the consultation session that she trusted you, which I believe is the first and most important step to seeking help.
You have not only helped my daughter come through what was a very very rough patch but the whole family have reaped the benefits from the therapy provided.
You’re kind, caring and professional skills really shone through and my daughter after only 3 weeks is now on her way back to her bubbly, confident, gorgeous teenage self.
Not only has her mood shot up but her self esteem, school work and family relationships have greatly improved. The skills you have taught her I hope she will use for the rest of her life not just her teen years! I may also use a few of them too.
We really are truly appreciative of everything you have done in such a short space of time.
Now it’s time to enjoy, live in the moment & breathe 🙂  Learn More
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Tracy has created a super safe space where it’s OK to explore, learn and share challenges that having an amazing neurodiverse child might bring.  There are not many of these spaces out there, and mainly one feels separate from or isolated as one’s beloved has a story, different from one that society expects.  She softens the tough edges and offers and demonstrates practical suggestions and tools to try out with your young person.  My daughter is not yet in a better place but I know I can ask Tracy for support whilst we get to a better place.  Many thanks Tracy & CTS.  Learn More


PDA Coffee Mornings

So helpful to talk through my concerns with someone so knowledgeable and see some positive ways forward. Thank you.  Learn More

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I am not sure how I would have survived the last year without the help and understanding that I received and I continue to receive from Child Therapy Service. It allowed me not just to understand my own son’s struggles but my own childhood struggles that I never really fully addressed. I am so grateful to have met Tracy Chadwick who helped me to rebuild my sense of trust and inner power to make all the changes that I needed to do and wanted to do but was too scared to do it. With strategies suggested by Tracy and her caring attitude I am improving my own mental emotional social health as well that of my son. Thank you Tracy for being you and all that you do to increase awareness as well create a positive impact on the people that you meet. For that I am forever grateful. 🙏♥️🌍  Learn More

Google Review

Over the past few years I have attended training sessions and coffee and chats in person and on Zoom led by Tracy.  These have been invaluable.  Tracy shares her vast knowledge in an accessible way.  She helps me to know that I am not alone in my struggles, and she provides training to help ourselves and our neuro divergent children.  The wealth of resources on her website is outstanding.  And new resources continue to appear!  I often recommend Child Therapy Services to other parents because I find it so useful.  She deserves a medal for the work she is doing. Learn More


After several years of being on high alert for my children, after the sessions I feel calmer and more able to cope with matters that would usually cause a lot of stress.

I am calmer and more balanced and more me. Learn More

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