Well-being Session: 5.11.24



Welcome to our Well-being Session (including EFT/Tapping)

  • Date: 5th November 2024
  • Time:  6pm – 7pm
  • Venue: Virtual | Zoom
  • Members: If your Membership includes this session for free, a 100% discount will be applied at the start of each month


Enhance Your Life with Our Well-being Session

Welcome to our Well-being Session, specially designed for parents, carers, and professionals seeking an effortless yet effective way to alleviate overwhelm and restore balance.

This comprehensive session seamlessly integrates gentle practices such as Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)/Tapping, coloured visualisations, calming breathwork, and soothing Vagus nerve exercises. These holistic approaches work together to create a harmonious environment for relaxation and emotional release.

During the session, Tracy will expertly guide you through a variety of methods to release trapped energy within the nervous system. By incorporating these techniques, you will experience a profound sense of relaxation and rejuvenation, preparing you to face the days ahead with renewed vitality.

Join our Well-being Session to discover how these powerful tools can help you maintain emotional equilibrium and enhance your overall well-being. Whether you are looking to support yourself or those in your care, this session offers practical solutions to achieve a more balanced and peaceful state of mind.

Embrace the opportunity to learn and practice these techniques in a supportive and nurturing environment.

What Others Have Said:

“Tracy is very reassuring. Her sessions really help me to relax and calm my mind and body. I love ‘tapping’. I was really stressed at the start of the session but felt much better by the end and now tonight I feel I’ll get a good nights sleep. Thank you” Elaine Devlin

“Tracy and the Child Therapy Service have been a lifeline to me. By providing a service that considers the whole family the sense of wellbeing from contact with the service is immediate and a blinding contrast to other public and private services.

Tracy herself has an uncanny sense of empathy which is such a relief as you don’t have to say much when you’re already exhausted by repeating yourself to brick walls. She just gets it, and not only that, gives you all the tools and resources you were wishing for on a platter. From individual help, group support sessions and self-guided world-class and cutting edge resources she has considered everyone in being able to access help in their own way.” Jyoti Sharma


Meet Tracy

Tracy is an experienced mainstream and SEND teacher and somatic practitioner, specialising in supporting children with social and emotional needs.

Motivated by her passion to integrate therapeutic interventions into mainstream practices, Tracy established the Child Therapy Service CIC. Her mission is to offer alternative approaches beyond conventional talk-based therapies, addressing the diverse needs of society.

Tracy proudly identifies as neurodivergent, a perspective that enriches her practice with a unique outlook. Through her inclusive approach to psychoeducation, she integrates educational principles with somatic techniques within a neurodivergent-affirming lens, creating training programmes and resources designed to address the holistic developmental needs of the whole child.

She is the proud author of the Bounce Approach (a Polyvagal-informed model) and the Whole Child Framework, which underpin everything you will find on this site.

Event Details

Date: 05/11/2024

Start time: 18:00 BST

End time: 19:00 BST

Venue: Virtual | Zoom

Directions: Please add to your calendar and join the session using the link provided

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