Understanding Triggers Pack


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Welcome to the Understanding Emotional Activation/Trigger Pack


  • To help the child identify that emotions are changes to energy states connected to their nervous system
  • To help children recognise what state they are in
  • To help children understand that activities/thoughts/senses are connected to their emotional state
  • To help children recognise and understand that emotional states are healing, energising, and depleting
  • To help children identify activities that are healing and energising for their nervous system

The Understanding Triggers Pack

The Understanding Triggers Pack is a transformative resource designed to visually illustrate the energy levels of emotions for children. This innovative approach helps children recognise that emotions vary in intensity, often leading to misconceptions where high energy is mistakenly associated with anxiety rather than excitement.

As children learn to distinguish between different emotional energies, they become more aware of how past experiences may have shaped their subconscious reactions. This understanding empowers them to break free from negative patterns of thought and behaviour rooted in outdated programming.

The pack includes multiple versions tailored for different age groups, ensuring accessibility and relevance across diverse developmental stages. Each version features clear visual aids and engaging activities that facilitate discussions about emotions, helping children cultivate a new perspective on their feelings.

Practical applications of the Understanding Triggers Pack include using the Bounce Scale to identify emotional triggers, integrating it into therapy sessions to explore emotional responses, and incorporating it into classroom activities to promote emotional intelligence and self-awareness.

By fostering this awareness and perspective, the Understanding Triggers Pack equips children with valuable tools to navigate their emotional landscapes with confidence and resilience. Developed with insights from psychological research and educational expertise, this resource supports educators and caregivers in creating a supportive environment where children can thrive emotionally and academically.

How to use the Pack:

Print off resources (laminate mats relevant to that child)

Complete the activities:

  • Activity 1: Introducing the Scale
  • Activity 2: Identifying Triggers

Activities come with everything you need (and more) – with a clear outline of the activity, the objective and resources to achieve it.

Once you have a clear idea of why a child is feeling as they are – you have the power to change their environment, to enable them to move down to the scale into a safe, healing space – where everything is possible!

This pack contains

  • An introducing to the Bounce Scale
  • An overview of what the Activation Scale is and how to use it
  • An outline of the levels of this scale and when to support a child
  • An outline of how to use the Scale include 2 activities
  • Vocabulary mats
  • Things that help me feel … mats
  • This is where I feel … mats
  • This is when I feel … mats
  • Energy mats (linked to visual batteries)
  • Emotion Strips
  • Vocabulary Strips
  • Bounce Strips

Pack information

  • Number of Pages: 38
  • Font: Ariel
  • Format: High quality PDF file
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