Reducing Anxiety through Gut Health


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Welcome to Reducing Anxiety through the Gut

Gut health plays a vital role in emotional regulation because a healthy gut contributes to a balanced and harmonious state of mind. The connection between the gut and emotions is gentle but significant.

This training include everything you need to know to support a child’s emotional health through improving their gut health.

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Gut health is vital for a child’s mental well-being as it influences brain function.

The gut houses microbes that impact emotions and mood. Nourishing these microbes through a healthy diet and supplements fosters a positive influence on a child’s emotional state, promoting overall well-being and contentment.

In this selection of bite-sized training webinars, Kate Arnold, a Nutrition Consultant, health writer and motivational speaker, helps us navigate what it is and where to start.

Bite-sized Training Webinars Include: Using Supplements, Gut to Brain Connection, and Health on a Budget

Using Supplements Outline

  • Understanding Supplements
  • Essential Fatty Acids
  • The Importance of Zinc
  • Gut-Brain Axes
  • Constipation/Gas
  • Probiotics
  • Diverse Colourful Foods

Training Duration:  13mins

Gut to Brain Connection Outline

  • Gut-brain Connection
  • Why is hydration Important?
  • Essential Fats – Why bother?
  • The Impact of How the Child Was Born?

Training Duration:  14mins

Health on a Budget Outline

  • How to be wise on a Budget
  • Utilising Food
  • Importance of Hydration
  • Sugar-free and Fizzy Drinks

Training Duration:  13mins

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