Positive Affirmation Cards


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Welcome to the Positive Affirmation Pack

If you are looking for a resource that can go with any therapeutic intervention, this is for you.  It’s ideal to work alongside the Sand Tray, Art, Drawing Feelings Intervention, or as a plenary.


  • To improve self-esteem by encouraging positive self-perception and self-belief.
  • To decrease stress and anxiety levels by replacing negative thoughts with positive statements.
  • To improve motivation by promoting a can-do attitude and a focus on personal goals.
  • To support a growth mindset by reinforcing the belief in self-improvement and perseverance.

The Power of Positive Affirmations

Positive affirmation cards prove highly effective for children struggling with low self-esteem by nurturing a positive self-image and fostering resilience. Affirmations are short, uplifting statements aimed at challenging negative thoughts and promoting self-belief. By incorporating these affirmations into daily routines and interactions, children can gradually reframe their self-perception and build confidence.

Research underscores the significant impact of affirmations on self-esteem. When consistently reinforced, affirmations help children internalise positive beliefs about themselves, counteracting the effects of negative self-talk and critical inner voices. This process cultivates a mindset that values strengths and encourages personal growth.

Transitioning to a more positive self-view through affirmations involves acknowledging current challenges while emphasising inherent strengths and abilities. By focusing on affirmations like “I am capable,” “I am unique,” and “I am worthy,” children learn to recognise their value and potential. These affirmations create a supportive internal dialogue that bolsters self-esteem during times of doubt or adversity.

Moreover, affirmations contribute to emotional resilience by instilling a sense of empowerment and optimism. Children become more adept at handling setbacks and challenges, viewing them as opportunities for learning and growth rather than sources of defeat. This positive mindset encourages proactive problem-solving and enhances overall well-being.

Pack information

  • Total Number of Pages: 89
  • Number of Affirmations: 45
  • Font:  Open Dyslexia
  • Format: High Quality PDF File

Resource Pack Ideas

  • Morning Affirmation Routine: Start each day with a positive affirmation card, allowing children to pick a card randomly or select one that resonates with them. This sets a positive tone for the day and encourages self-reflection.
  • Affirmation Jar: Create an affirmation jar where children can pick a positive affirmation card at random whenever they need a boost of positivity or encouragement throughout the day. They can keep the card with them as a reminder of their strengths.
  • Group Circle Time: During group discussions or circle time, incorporate affirmation cards by having each child pick a card, read it aloud, and share how they relate to the affirmation. This promotes peer support and builds a sense of community.
  • Affirmation Wall: Designate a space in the classroom, setting, or at home as an affirmation wall. Children can choose a card and pin it to the wall, creating a visual display of positivity that grows over time. This serves as a constant reminder of their strengths.
  • Affirmation Challenge: Challenge children to select a new affirmation card each week and focus on embodying that affirmation in their thoughts and actions. Discuss their experiences and reflections at the end of the week to reinforce positive self-talk and growth.


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