Improving Attachment through Play


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Welcome to Improving Attachment through Play

In our recorded webinar, discover the transformative impact of early attachment, diverse attachment styles, and practical strategies for supporting child development through attachment-focused play.

It includes training and resources to get you started.

Welcome to Improving Attachment through Play Training

In our recorded webinar, we’ll guide you through the transformative world of early attachment and its profound impact on relational experiences. Gain valuable insights into diverse attachment styles and the neuroscience behind building strong attachments.

Discover how attachment-focused play nurtures trusted connections with children and learn techniques for creating a circle of trust within play sessions. Engage with case studies to tailor play types to individual attachment needs.

Uncover the significance of attachment, described as “a lasting psychological connectedness between human beings” (Bowlby, 1997), and its implications for emotional well-being. Explore practical strategies for supporting a child’s development in this comprehensive webinar, available on-demand for your convenience.

Learning Outcomes

  • Why are early attachment opportunities important?
  • What are the attachment styles we grow up with?
  • Why understanding neuro-science is important in building strong attachments with others
  • How can we used attachment-focused play to support children in building trusted relationships with others?
  • How do we create a circle of trust in a attachment-based play session?
  • Which type of play should be used – based on their attachment needs? #casestudy


  • Grounding Techniques Checklist
  • Grounding Techniques – Physical, Visual, and Soothing
  • Nurturing Trust through Play

Training Duration:  1hr 7mins

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