Identifying Attachment Provision


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Welcome to Identifying Attachment Provision

Gain the knowledge and skills needed to support children with attachment challenges effectively. This comprehensive webinar equips professionals and caregivers with practical strategies, evidence-based interventions, and a understanding of attachment theory.

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Identifying Provision for Children with Attachment Difficulties

In this webinar we explore the intricacies of attachment theory, delving into the significance of understanding attachment, attachment injuries, and relational templates. We’ll examine different attachment styles—including secure, avoidant, ambivalent, and disorganised—and provide practical strategies for supporting children with each attachment style. Gain valuable insights and tools to effectively meet the attachment needs of children, culminating in essential reflections and final thoughts.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Why do we Need to Understand Attachment?
  • What is Attachment Injury?
  • What is a Relational Template?
  • Understanding a Secure Caregiver
  • Understanding an Avoidant Attachment Style
  • Supporting a Child with Avoidant Attachment
  • Understanding an Ambivalent Attachment Style
  • Supporting a Child with an Ambivalent Attachment
  • Understanding a Disorganised Attachment Style
  • Supporting Children with Attachment Needs #provision
  • Final thoughts

Training Duration:  1hr 4mins

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