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Are all the events free?

  • School Families gain access to the Family Membership, which means they can access all live events for free, excluding professional intervention training.
  • School Staff gain access to the Professional Membership, which means they can access all live events, including intervention training for free.  Explore what’s on here.

Is training recorded?

Yes, all live training is recorded.  If families or staff members are unable to attend a live training session – they will find a recording in the section ‘New This Month’, they simply click on ‘Access Recording’.

These are available for a minimum of 30-days, with the majority of training remaining on the system for the duration of the membership.

Are there Recorded Webinars?

As a School Member, families and staff gain instant access to recorded webinars the cover our Whole Child Approach, including:

  • Attachment
  • Sensory Needs
  • Emotional Needs
  • Social Communication
  • Self-Esteem

Can Staff access Intervention Training On-Demand?

Yes, as soon as you join the School Membership, you get instant access to these recorded intervention webinars (with resource packs):

  • Art as Therapy Interventions
  • Comic Strip Interventions
  • Building Emotional Literacy through Lego
  • Emotionally-based School Avoidance Interventions
  • Interoception-based Intervention
  • Theory of Mind Intervention

Are Lego or Sand Tray Interventions Included?

Yes, these interventions are included in the School Membership.  These are run live throughout the year.  View these interventions and dates here.

Do you Offer Drop-in Sessions?

Yes, exclusive to Members – we run monthly drop-in sessions focused around a particular area of the Whole Child Approach, which will change each month.  More information about these sessions can be found here.

Well-being Events

Are Well-being Sessions Free?

Yes, all well-being sessions are free – you will find link in the Events Section. These sessions support adults to release any emotional overwhelm within their system – through a gentle relaxation session. Learn more about these free sessions here.

Family Coaching Sessions

Is it right that 30 Minute Consultations are Free?

Yes, that’s correct – as a School Member, families and staff receive a free 30 minute consultation worth £30, as part of the membership.

Do I get any Discount for these Family Coaching Sessions?

Yes, families and staff receive £5 off any coaching session, for themselves or their child:

  • 30 minute session = £30 (reduced from £35)
  • 45 minute session = £45 (reduced from £50)
  • 1 hour session = £60 (reduced from £65)

Can Staff access Discounted Supervision Sessions?

Yes, as a School Member staff receive a £5 discount off all professional coaching and mentor sessions.


Do I get any discount as a Member?

Yes, when you join – the school instantly receive a 25% discount off any purchase of resource – with many of them included in the training and intervention bundles.  This then gives staff and families the confidence on how to use the resources effectively.

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