Parts-based Therapy Training: 7.10.24



Welcome to Part-based Therapy Interventions

  • Date: 7th October
  • Time: 6pm – 8pm
  • Venue: Virtual | Zoom
  • Format: Live Event (It is not recorded)
  • Pre-requisite:  Participants need to have attended Lego Feelings, Drawing Feelings, and Sand Tray Intervention Training prior to this session
  • Members: If your Membership includes this session for free, a 100% discount will be applied at the start of each month

Parts-based Therapy Training

Internal Family Systems (IFS) is an innovative therapeutic approach that views the mind as a system composed of various ‘parts,’ each representing different facets of our personality, emotions, and beliefs.

In Parts-based Therapy Training, we delve into the concept that every individual possesses a ‘Self,’ which serves as the core essence of compassion and wisdom within us. This Self functions as the guiding force, leading and nurturing other parts of ourselves toward balance and harmony.

Through the Parts-based Therapy Training, we provide children with a platform to explore their Self and their Team of Parts. This training facilitates a deeper understanding of themselves, fostering greater compassion and resilience during times of conflict, distress, or when protective parts are hindering their actions.

Our training programme offers practical applications that help children recognise and address their internal conflicts. By integrating Parts-based Therapy into their routine, children can develop healthier coping strategies and improve their emotional well-being. This training is essential for caregivers and educators aiming to support children in navigating their emotional landscapes effectively.

Who would benefit from this training?

  • Ideal for Outreach Services
  • Ideal for Mainstream, APs/PRUS, and Specialist Provisions
  • Perfect staff CPD
  • Includes CPD Certificate
  • This live webinar is free to Ultimate and Ultimate+ Members

Learning Objectives

  • To understand the basics of the Internal Family Systems (IFS) model.
  • To understand how the Team of Parts and Self show up for children struggling with dysregulation.
  • To explore creative ways to gain the voice of the Team of Parts and their needs.
  • To expand the capacity and wisdom of ‘Self’.
  • Review case study examples of how the Part-based Intervention has been used for children struggling with: Emotionally-based School Avoidance, Demand Avoidance, and Anxiety

Further Reading

Meet the Trainer

Tracy is an experienced mainstream and SEND teacher and somatic practitioner, specialising in supporting children with social and emotional needs.

Motivated by her passion to integrate therapeutic interventions into mainstream practices, Tracy established the Child Therapy Service CIC. Her mission is to offer alternative approaches beyond conventional talk-based therapies, addressing the diverse needs of society.

Tracy proudly identifies as neurodivergent, a perspective that enriches her practice with a unique outlook. Through her inclusive approach to psychoeducation, she integrates educational principles with somatic techniques within a neurodivergent-affirming lens, creating training programmes and resources designed to address the holistic developmental needs of the whole child.

She is the proud author of the Bounce Approach (a Polyvagal-informed model) and the Whole Child Framework, which underpin everything you will find on this site.

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Event Details

Date: 07/10/2024

Start time: 18:00 BST

End time: 20:00 BST

Venue: Virtual | Zoom

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