Sensory Needs

– Mini-Tutorials –

SEMH Assessment Tracker

  • Identify areas of need
  • Monitor progress per child
  • Review impact of interventions over time

Sensory Checklist

  • To identify sensory processing difficulties
  • To identify which sensory needs are dysregulated

Sensory Diet

  • To identify if a child has sensory difficulties
  • To identify which sensory system is being triggered/overloaded
  • To provide a plan to meet the child’s sensory needs

Yoga Toolkit

  • To be able to regulate emotions effectively through health strategies
  • To be able to ground and self-sooth emotional needs
  • To be able to focus and concentrate over a period of sustained time
  • To understand the importance of stillness
  • To release stresses held in the body
  • To recognise physical sensations in the body

My Triggers Toolkit

  • To identify a child’s sensory and emotional triggers
  • To identify an adult’s sensory and emotional triggers
  • To put effective measures in place to reduce triggers for the adult and child
  • To work collaboratively to reflect on how to support each other, over known triggers