School Members

Welcome to the School Membership

We are so pleased that you have chosen us to support you in developing a Whole School Approach to emotional health and well-being.

We have created a Step-by-Step process to get you started.

Step 1: Assigning a Well-being Lead

We recommend that all School Members start by assigning a Well-being Lead.

This Well-being Lead serves as the link between the Membership Portal Provision and your school community, playing a crucial role in integrating the Whole Child Approach.

When choosing a lead, please take into consideration that this individual will also be:

  • The Account Team Manager – to allocate and manage subscription licences/seats for staff and families; and
  • The Key Contact for Families on your Well-being page

As the Well-being Lead has full access to the Members Portal, they are a great resource in signposting families to particular training and provision that meets their needs, at that time. 

Step 2: Share Information about Us

So that families and staff fully understand the benefits of joining the Portal, we recommend that you send them these links first.

Then, when they do receive a registration email link – they know what it’s about:

Step 4: Sharing Registration Links

When you purchase a School Membership, your account will have access to Unique Registration Links to share with your school families and staff.

Think of them as licences, each link, once registered – assigns an individually paid subscription licence and account to that person. So, make sure they understand not to share that link with others.

  • Alternative Provisions:  12 Ultimate Members (Staff) and 30 Core Members (Families)
  • Schools: 40 Ultimate Members (Staff) and 420 Core Members (Families)

If you’re looking for more licences, that’s not a problem, simply contact us and we’ll send you a quote.

To understand how to access and share this link, please watch this walk through guide.

Step 5: Personalised Support

We recommend that families of children needing a more personalised support programme be emailed individually and guided through the process.

Example: Supporting Families of Children with Persistent Absences

The Members Portal provides families with access to free coffee mornings and well-being events, ensuring they receive ongoing support through peer networks and essential well-being sessions during this difficult time.

Ready-to-View Training

As you know, the Members Portal offers families access to free, ready-to-view training that not only empowers them with knowledge but also provides practical ideas to get them started. This collaborative approach helps to upskill everyone during this time.

Music Programme

The Members Portal provides access to a library of emotional regulation music. Families can utilise this resource alongside strategies and tools to help their child. This combined approach could also be adopted in the school, serving as an excellent resource for everyone.

Strategies and Tools

The Members Portal is filled with guided tutorials of strategies and tools. The Well-being Lead could direct families to these resources or demonstrate some ideas that could help the child in the mornings. These would also be a great addition to the child’s ‘calm time’ for decompressing.

Personalised Support

The Members Portal also gives families a more bespoke support programme, if all other ideas have been exhausted.

These discounted sessions are accessible within their own account.

Access to the Members Portal, combined with personalised support from the Well-being Lead, provides the entire family with training, resources, strategies, tools, skills, and support.

Now, that’s a Whole Child Approach!

Step 6: Using Our Logo

Once joined, please feel free to our Logo on your website and hyperlink it to the Members Portal on your Well-being page.

We are also happy for you to use our ‘blurb’ to introduce our service, on your Well-being page:

The Child Therapy Service CIC is a not-for-profit social enterprise dedicated to understanding emotions through a trauma-informed developmental perspective.

Their mission is to create assessment tools and trauma-informed interventions that address the root causes of a child’s emotional dysregulation. By allowing their nervous system to heal, they aim to prevent the development of mental health disorders later in life.

They achieve this through their Membership, an on-line provision of training, resources, strategies, and support.

Our School has purchased a Subscription for your family to access our Members Portal.

Further information on this, alongside your unique registration link will be emailed to you individually.

Logo and Link

Simply, save any of these images to your computer to use on your website and use this link, to hyperlink it to the Members Portal.

Some of these images have white text.


Child Therapy Service Eastbourne

Step 7: Improved Engagement

To help families actively engage with our events, resources, strategies and tools – we also recommend that you share our social media event posts. This highlights your ethos to emotional well-being and acts as a reminder for parents and carers.

A great example of this can be seen by West Rise Junior School:

Step 8: Enter for our NEW Well-being Award

Would you like to WIN our NEW annual Well-being Award?

This Award is given to School Members that have demonstrated a commitment to the emotional well-being of the children, families, and staff in their setting.

There is NO cost for this award, with winner selected on 1st December 2024.

School Well-being Award Objectives

Commitment and Vision

  • The School is committed to achieving the Child Therapy Service CIC Well-being Award.
  • The School communicates a clear vision and strategy for emotional well-being to the entire school community.

Positive Culture

  • The School fosters a culture where the emotional health of children, their families, and staff members are supported.
  • The School understands that everyone surrounding the child has equal responsibility in supporting their emotional well-being
  • The School actively promotes the emotional well-being to the whole school community.

Professional Development

  • The School utilises the training and resource provision from the Child Therapy Service CIC to prioritise professional learning and staff development on emotional well-being.

Responsive Support Systems

  • The School is committed to supporting the emotional health of their whole school community, by sign-posting support services, and offering effective support networks.

Community and Partnerships

  • The school collaborate with other schools, agencies, and specialist services to support emotional well-being.

Final Recap

Just to recap on the steps to get you started:

  1. Assign a Well-being Lead to Manage the Account
  2. Well-being Lead Up-dates their Well-being Page to introduce the Child Therapy Service and includes a Logo that is hyperlinked to the Members Portal
  3. Well-being Lead emails families to link to this page and highlight this new provision
  4. Well-being Lead then emails unique Registration Links to Families and Staff
  5. Well-being Lead monitors engagement from Families and Staff, using a personalised approach, as needed
  6. Well-being Lead shares our Events on Social Media
  7. Well-being Lead collects evidence of how they have supported the Emotional Well-being of children, families, and staff in their school and enters into the 2024 Well-being Award!


If you have any questions, please reach out using our Contact Us form, which you will find in the Members Portal.


The Child Therapy Service Team

Child Therapy Service