I say hurtful things to myself such as “I’m stupid” or “everyone hates me” and struggle to try new things due to fear of failure


  • To offer tools and resources to help the child develop positive self-talk and self-affirmations, replacing negative beliefs with more constructive and supportive language.
  • To provide guidance and exercises to encourage self-compassion and understanding, teaching the child to be kinder and more forgiving towards themselves.
  • To offer strategies and activities to help the child confront and manage the fear of failure, teaching them that mistakes are a natural part of learning and growth.
  • To foster a growth mindset, emphasising the value of effort and perseverance over the fear of making mistakes, encouraging the child to view challenges as opportunities for learning.
  • To establish a supportive environment where the child feels safe to try new things without fear of judgment, enabling them to explore and learn without undue pressure.