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“I was surprised how 5 minutes of following Tracy’s tapping and repeating the suggested statements helped me to experience a much calmer sense of self. I was yawning pretty much at the end of the first round already. By the end of the 5 minutes I could feel my sense of emotional overwhelm reduced from 10 to 1. A life saver.” (Relaxation Session)


“Thank you for holding the PDA parents support group Tracy. It was helpful to feel less isolated in a period where many other young people are returning to school, and my daughter cannot.   All the mums in the conversation had similar challenges and it is so human to hear other’s stories and to be able to relate. You enabled the conversation to flow nicely in the time we had together online”


I attended one of Tracy’s courses and was so impressed by both the content and her obvious knowledge and skills, I immediately knew I wanted her to come to our setting! Tracy provides an incredible service, she even spent time with me before the training evening so we could decide upon the focus of the session. She is always easy to contact and very flexible. The training itself was eye-opening, engaging and thought provoking. Staff now feel more confident in providing provision and care that supports the well-being and resilience of our children. Tracy is incredibly generous with the resources she obviously spends so long creating. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Tracy to any setting looking to improve their pastoral care for all children, not just for those with SEN


Really great and informative training and resources. Tracey was really helpful and friendly.

Sam Wells

Thank you for a great and impactful resource!

Amy H

Great resources!

Sara R

Professional Workshop: Emotional Well-being in Young Children, 2019

“I have attended various well-being, self-regulation training in the past and found this training clear, informative and Tracy very easy to listen to. Helps to understand children’s behaviour.” – Robertsbridge Children’s Services

“Learning lots of new ideas! Can’t wait to put it into place” – Caterpillar Nursery

“I liked this workshop because I learned about ways to help children understand their emotions and because I have some resources to go back and study more” – M. B, Battle Nursery

“I really liked the theory that underpins emotional well-being” – N. M, Nursery Practitioner

I love this program and all the resources that go with it. It is nice to have a program that includes everything including strategies and coping skills that students can use depending on what their individual level is.

Michelle W

“I have so many things I’d like to write about right now, I have been struggling to decide which to type first but without doubt the most pivotal moment for us in the last month has come from the ‘Child Therapy Service CIC’.

I found out about this through a random pop-up on Facebook advertising a webinar about Pathological Demand Avoidance which immediately caught my attention. When I clicked on the link it sounded really informative and I bought a ticket to attend. I am so glad that I did.

My husband and I sat together one evening and listened/watched the webinar and although we have done a great deal of research into this condition we learnt more from the training and not only information about the brain processes of PDA but useful strategies to put in place at home backed up by a resource pack where a lot of the preparation has been completed already. We were truly impressed and the following day I messaged Tracy (the lady behind The Child Therapy Service) to tell her so and explain some of the complications we were finding at home.

We received a very supportive tailored message back promptly with further ideas to support our son and not only that, the reasoning behind why they were being suggested and how to implement them. I am truly grateful to this lady to the point I’ve told EVERYBODY I’ve spoken to. If you are reading this and thinking, well that’s great but PDA is not relevant to my child, please still check out this page as there is an abundance of support for so many varying conditions. There is upcoming training for Autism, Anxiety and Challenging behaviour. Search on Facebook for ‘Child Therapy Service CIC’.”

Laura, locallyable.co.uk

When my son started Drawing and Talking sessions with Tracy, within a few sessions I could notice a difference in the way he was able to express what was in his mind, his heart and his body.

He seems to be more accepting of his feelings and more open to explore his choices regarding his behaviour. He is also expressing himself more joyfully, through other artistic means; either through dancing, singing, blue tack or Lego.

Tracy is a natural at connecting with my son, so he feels a greater sense of safety and comfort to share what is alive in him emotionally, mentally, and physically.  This in turn leads to a greater sense of self knowing and self-acceptance. Thank you, Tracy, for helping my son and I experience a greater sense of self, each other, and life.”


Mum of a 6 year old boy, London

I had some major issues that I decided I needed to address, but I didn’t know who to turn to. I’ve had countless counselling sessions when I was at school, private counselling sessions too however, nothing had really seemed to help. This was before I met Tracy, and to say I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for her, would be an understatement.

The sessions I had helped to address the root of the problems I was having, which was a real eye opener. I went to Tracy with a list of things I felt insecure about and that were causing me sleepless nights and severe anxiety, creating life blocks as such. Tracy helped me to understand what the root problems really were, that stemmed back way before the list I went with. It was so eye opening and at times, confusing how we got to the roots of the issues to identify my triggers, but it has been one of the most interesting experiences in my life. After addressing the triggers, I would go away after every session with homework and tasks to do to make progress on dealing with the triggers.

Tracy is a truly remarkable and passionate lady and I will forever be grateful that I was told to reach out to her for the help I wanted, not realising at the time how much my life would be changed.


Your resources are absolutely fantastic! Thank you so much

Julie Boothman

It is so refreshing to find such high quality resources at such an affordable price! I have already signposted the schools I work with to this amazing page.

Ruth Kelsey

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