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ReAttach Therapy


What is ReAttach?

ReAttach was developed and pioneered by Drs. Paula Weerkamp as a multi-modal intervention.

It is used worldwide by a diversity of therapists for children and adults with central neurological problems, functional neurological disorders, oncological problems, psychosomatic complaints, (psycho) geriatric problems, language and speech disorders, and post-traumatic and acute stress complaints.

The power of ReAttach is that the child or young person does not have to talk about what they have experienced or is bothering them.  They may not know – or may struggle to communicate it effectively.

Who can it help?

It is used by the Child Therapy Service to help children and young people struggling with anxiety and self-limiting beliefs become the best version of themselves.

What do sessions look like?

Sessions are part of a therapeutic programme identified at the initial consultation.  It will form part of the overall intervention alongside WingwaveNeutral-Space Relaxation, Tapping, and Drawing and Talking.

ReAttach uses voice, thinking tasks, and light rhythmic touch on the hands. It is a very gentle and calming approach to supporting the child/young person overcome their experiences.


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