Yoga Dice Pack


Only when we are able to regulate our body – can we regulate our emotions.

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Helping children regulate their emotions through yoga


The great thing about this resource pack, is how much fun you can get out of it! Yes, there is motor planning … yes – there is an element of teaching executive function skills … but you have so much more – core strength, postural stability … emotional regulation.  Everything in one pack!

Simply, print off the set, laminate them – use in a large dice, or use the small dice option provided.  You can have them as cards for the child to select – or focus on a particular sequence, to improve focus and concentration.  The dice game option is a great starter to get everyone ready for the session!  Roll the dice and see what position it lands on.


  • To be able to regulate emotions effectively through health strategies
  • To be able to ground and self-sooth emotional needs
  • To be able to focus and concentrate over a period of sustained time
  • To understand the importance of stillness
  • To release stresses held in the body
  • To recognise physical sensations in the body

In the Pack:

  • Yoga Dice Game:  3 different styles of ‘tens & units’ yoga positions
  • Large Dice Option:  24 different yoga positions to place in a foam dice with clear pockets
  • Small Dice Option:  24 different yoga positions in small printable dice design

Number of Pages: 37

Font:  NA

Format: High Quality PDF File



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