My Strength Animals – Activity Pack


Let’s be creative when exploring emotions!

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This activity pack has been designed to give the facilitator a great lesson, focused on understanding and communicating a child’s anxieties – through animal metaphors.  How does the child feel inside?  What thoughts are going through their head?  Is it like a Chimp – constantly talking?  How does that feel?  Let’s find out!

How to use:

  • Print off My Strength Animal Images, Emotion Word Cards, and Activity Mat
  • Ask the child to select an animal to represent: 
    • How they Feel (emotional needs)
    • How they Think (thought patterns)
  • Using the Question Prompt Cards – talk through what they’ve selected


In the Pack:

  • 42 x Animal Images (6 per A4)
  • Emotion Word Cards (all linked to the Bounce Emotional Scale)
  • Activity Mat
  • 18 x Question Prompt Cards

Number of Pages: 18

Font:  Open Dyslexic

Format: High Quality PDF File



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