Inner Strengths


Let’s be creative when exploring emotions!


Strength animals are symbolic representations of personal qualities, traits, or characteristics that individuals connect with or find empowering. These animals are often chosen or created during an intervention a way to express and explore inner strengths.

In this activity pack individuals are asked to think about, select, or visualise an animal that represents qualities they admire or aspire to possess. For example, someone who seeks courage might choose a lion as their strength animal, while another person looking for resilience might select a turtle.

The process of creating or depicting these strength animals, allows individuals to connect with and embody the qualities they associate with the chosen animal. It can serve as a reminder of their inner strengths and resilience, providing a visual anchor during difficult times.

Strength animals can be powerful symbols that facilitate self-reflection, empowerment, and personal growth. They provide a tangible representation of the qualities individuals possess or wish to cultivate, serving as sources of inspiration and motivation. Through engagement with these strength animals, individuals can explore and strengthen their own inner resources.






Pack Details

In the Pack:

  • 42 x Animal Images (6 per A4)
  • Emotion Word Cards (all linked to the Bounce Emotional Scale)
  • Activity Mat
  • 18 x Question Prompt Cards

Number of Pages: 18

Font:  Open Dyslexic

Format: High Quality PDF File



How to use:

  • Print off My Strength Animal Images, Emotion Word Cards, and Activity Mat
  • Ask the child to select an animal to represent: 
    • How they Feel (emotional needs)
    • How they Think (thought patterns)
  • Using the Question Prompt Cards – talk through what they’ve selected

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