Therapeutic Interventions to Support EBSA Students

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Welcome to Using a Therapeutic Approach to Supporting EBSA Students

In this training, we will look at case study examples of how children have been given a voice in their emotional overwhelm, and with the support of the intervention and school adaptions, positive change happened.

It provides practical, creative, and nurture based approaches that can be used to form part of a new, or existing intervention for that student.

Who would benefit from this training?

  • Professionals looking for a creative way to help children re-engage in education
  • Families looking to understand the barriers their child is facing, so that they are able to work collaboratively with the school



Structure of the Training:

  • What is EBSA?
  • What does the Research Tell Us about Effective Interventions?
  • What are Universal approaches?
  • What are Targeted approaches
  • What Specific Approaches are Effective
  • Review of Case Studies

IMPORTANT NOTE: This workshop is not about fixing the child, forcing them to conform, and return to school. It is, however, focused on practical, creative ways to empower them in understanding their own social and emotional needs.

Resources Included

Resources Included:

  • Pupil Voice
  • Managing Demand Avoidance Toolkit
  • Assessment of Need