Understanding and Using Grounding Techniques


If our senses activate us towards a dysregulated state – how can we use them to calm us?  Let’s find out!

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This training pack has been designed to help facilitators (families or professionals) understand how they can help a young person regulate their emotions to a more grounded, calmer state.  It explores the concept behind ‘grounding’ and how it’s important to incorporate these style of approaches into a daily life-style.


  • Understanding our states of emotions #polyvagal
  • Understanding these states of emotions in the brain #conscious
  • Understanding how grounding moves us through these states
  • Reviewing the adrenaline curve and why it’s important
  • Exploring each grounding technique linked to our senses
  • Understanding the importance co-regulation
  • Using grounding techniques on a day-to-day basis

Resources Included:

  • Grounding Techniques – Physical Techniques Pack
  • Grounding Techniques – Visualisations Pack
  • Grounding Techniques – Self-soothing Pack
  • Grounding Techniques Checklist
  • CPD Certificate of Attendance

Duration of Training:  54 mins

Access:  Once purchased, you have unlimited access to this training pack