Helping Children Step out of their Comfort Zone


How can we help a young person deal with stress – if we don’t know their emotional capacity?

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This training pack has been created, to help parents and professionals understand how to expand a young person’s ‘Window of Tolerance’.

A term used to describe the zone of arousal in which a person is able to function most effectively.   When we are in our Safe Zone, we are calm – alert and able to engage in our world.  However – when we are outside our Window of Tolerance, we can become Hyper- or Hypo- aroused and need specific strategies to bring ourselves back to a calm, regulated state.

Why is it important?

If we don’t understand our capacity to deal with stress – how can we navigate around it?  How can we experience stressful situations – without reacting and becoming overwhelmed by them?  For some young people, leaving the house is stressful, going into town is stressful, and as such – they avoid this stress and don’t allow themselves to experience the emotional overwhelm connected to it.

In this training, we will unpick what this model is and how this information can help us to create an effective plan, to help young people step out of their comfort zone and achieve new goals.

Learning Outcomes:

  • What is the ‘Window of Tolerance’?
  • How does it link to the Polyvagal Theory and the Bounce Scale?
  • What is the Safe Zone?
  • How do we expand this Safe Zone for new experiences?
  • What steps are needed to help the child build tolerance?
  • What are achievable targets towards new experiences?

Resources Includes:

  • PACE Model
  • Habit Tracker
  • Activation and De-activation Strategies
  • Certificate of Completion

Duration of this Training:  1 hr 38 mins

Access:  Once purchased, you have unlimited access to this training and resources


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