Running an Emotional Literacy Lego Intervention

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Welcome to Emotional Literacy Lego Sessions

Welcome to this live hands-on experiential workshop that uses Lego/Bricks to help children explore their emotions. This is a great addition to any existing Social and Emotional-based Intervention, or as a stand-alone approach.

The focus is on helping the child to improve their ability to recognise, understand, and express their own emotions and the emotions of others more accurately.

Who would benefit from this event?

  • Parents and Carers looking for a creative way to support their child
  • Professionals looking for an intervention to support SEMH Pupils
  • Professionals supporting EBSA Pupils

Learning Outcomes:

  • What is Emotional Literacy?
  • Why is it important to have good Emotional Literacy Skills?
  • How can we use Lego to Improve these Skills?
  • What would a session look like? (let’s have a go!)
  • How would you use emotion vocabulary cards in the session?

Resources Included:

  • Well-being Activity Ideas
  • Lesson Plan/Activities
  • Emotion Vocabulary Cards
  • Emotional Scale