The Reflection Pack


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Helping children repair conflict in a systematic way


The reflection pack is a debrief document which supports restorative practice providing a learning opportunity for both the child and staff supporting them.  This is a document for the child. They should be involved in the creation of this and it should be personalised to support their behaviours and emotional needs. The idea of this reflection pack is to educate the child in life long coping and repair strategies to allow them to be a valued member of their community.

Behaviour is a form of communication. Through this reflection pack the child is being educated in using positive strategies to communicate their emotions rather than engaging in unsafe, harmful or unkind behaviours.

This Pack Contains:

  • The Reflection Pack
  • Velcro Visuals
  • Guided Instruction Pack and Video

Gifted and Shared by:  The Child Therapy Service & Mountfield Health School

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