The Bumper Autism Toolkit


Let’s remove any communication barriers and support the needs of the child!

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A huge pack of resources to support Autistic Children


This HUGE bumper resource pack, has been designed to provide a systematic, visual approach to supporting an autistic child.  It has been broken down into sections – each providing a unique approach in working towards an end activity.  It contains EVERYTHING you need to support an autistic child in the classroom at at home.


  • To provide a sense of positive control
  • To provide the child with positive control and expand their options of choice activities
  • To provide a child with a predictable routine, with a source of trusted information
  • To encourage the child to demonstrate positive behaviour
  • To allow the adult to control the passing of time and prevent anxious outburst
  • To allow the child to visually see when it is their turn in an activity
  • To provide a visual way of asking for help

In the Pack:

  • Choice Boards
  • Activity Visuals (Widgits)
  • Extended Choice Boards
  • First-Next and First-Next-Then Mats
  • Reward Token Mats
  • Count-down Strips
  • Turn Taking Mats
  • Visual Counters
  • Asking for Help Mats

Number of Pages: 53!!

Font:  Open Dyslexic, Ariel, Widgit

Format: High Quality PDF File



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