Understanding and Supporting an Anxious Child


For many children struggling with anxiety – it can be overwhelming.  Becoming such a huge part of their life – that their tolerance levels to cope with other things, simply isn’t possible.

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This empowering talk, led by Founder of the Child Therapy Service, Tracy Chadwick – will unpick why some children struggle with anxiety and know what to put in place, to support them.

Objectives of the Training:

  • Why I show different emotions at home verses school
  • Why I can struggle to keep things together for a whole day
  • What is happening inside my brain – to make me act differently – physically, psychologically, academically, and socially
  • That, a times, my brain is being triggered – and I feel unsafe
  • How to help me to regulate my nervous system at home and at school
  • The importance of teamwork – because when everyone is helping me in the same way, it makes me feel safe

Included Resources:

  • More information soon …
  • Includes a Certificate of Completion

Duration of the Training:  Being Recorded

Release Date:  End of August 


  1. Claire Cooper (store manager)

    I really enjoyed the webinar on Supporting Anxious Children. Lots to go away with and think about! Brilliant resources to go alongside it. It was clear, to the point, and lots of strategies to consider. Thank you!

  2. Julia Andrews (verified owner)

    What a fantastic and insightful course! Made so much sense and was so helpful with really practical solutions for supporting and easing your child’s anxiety. Would recommend this course very highly to anyone! Thankyou!

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