Well-being Assessment and Support Plan



Welcome to the Support Plan and Tracker

These assessments provide you will an initial overview of a child’s SEMH needs, a starting point to identify which of the areas should be support first.   The Support Plan is also linked to an excel tracker, to provide an opportunity of identifying need, implementing an intervention, and then reviewing progress (effectiveness).

Assessment profile areas include: Attachment, Emotional, Sensory, Social, and Self-Esteem.  Note:  These are profiles, they are not diagnostic.

It is advised that after completion, if the child has been identified as having a high profile in a particular area, that further assessments are completed.

These could include:

The Support Plan also helps you identify triggers and potential escalation to give adults working with the child valuable information on what de-escalates and regulates a child down from heightened stress.

At the end of the plan, you will have an opportunity to develop a Child’s Plan – What would help them?  How can they help themselves?  The resource links to the Restore, Repair, and Prevent Toolkit, to give a cycle of SEMH strategies.

Resource Date: September 2023



  • To identify areas of SEMH needs
  • To provide an assessment to monitor interventions based on SEMH needs
  • To link needs and tracker to a plan for the child

In the Pack

This pack includes:

  • Well-being Support Plan
  • SEMH Tracker

Number of Pages:  5

Format:  Excel and Word

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