Story Pack: A Nifflenoo Called Nevermind


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This story pack has been created, to provide you with an activity resource that goes alongside the book A Nifflenoo Called Nevermind.  The overall aim of the resource pack, is to give structure to a session that focuses on how to help children name emotions, link them to a physical sensation, scale them, and release them.

If during the sessions, children are still struggling to ‘feel’ the physical sensations of emotions – then I’d highly recommend using Understanding Emotions Through Music resource, during the session.  In the pack, you will have some examples of coping strategies, however there are lots more!  Such as mindfulness, yoga, applied relaxation technique, and visualisations.   How we release emotions – is very personal … so help the child explore a way that works for them.


  • To link labelled emotions to physical sensations
  • To understand where physical sensations are in the body
  • To link emotions to the story
  • To link events to an emotional scale
  • To scale emotions into small, medium, and big
  • To understand how you let go of emotions

This Pack Contains:

    • Activity 1: Where do you put your feelings?
    • Activity 2: Scale emotions in the story
    • Activity 3: Scale Emotions in Real Life
    • Activity 4: How do you let go some of your feelings?
  • Body Map Template
  • Emotion List with Body Map
  • Body Map Visuals
  • Question Prompts
  • Visuals of the story
  • Emotional Scale
  • Emotional Key words and visuals
  • Size of the problem visual
  • Coping, Grounding and Soothing Visuals

Number of pages: 50

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