Story Pack: A Nifflenoo Called Nevermind


Story activity packs are a great way of linking amazing books with life experiences.

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This story pack has been created, to provide you with an activity resource that goes alongside the book A Nifflenoo Called Nevermind.  The overall aim of the resource pack, is to give structure to a session that focuses on how to help children name emotions, link them to a physical sensation and scaling them.


  • To link labelled emotions to physical sensations
  • To understand where physical sensations are in the body
  • To link emotions to the story
  • To link events to an emotional scale

This Pack Contains:

    • Activity 1: Where do you put your feelings? Including:  Body Map, Question Prompts, Emotion Chart, Emotion Visuals,
    • Activity 2: Scale emotions in the story.  Including:  Activity Sheet, Question Prompts, Scale, Story Emotion Cards

Number of pages: 26

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