Social Communication Assessment & Tracker



Social Communication assessment & tracker


  • To identify gaps in social communication skills
  • To monitor progress of social skill interventions


This assessment and monitoring pack enables the facilitator to do a base-line assessment for a child struggling with social communication skills.  Once the base-line is completed, it provides a focus – an objective for future interventions.  The Intervention Tracker is then used to monitor progress each week, so that the facilitator tailors the session based on the area of need.

It is recommended that the child is observed in different situations, for example; in class, in the playground, and at home.  Parental involvement is best practice and highly recommended as part of your well-being first ethos.

In the pack:

  • Social Skill – I Can Statements for initial assessments
  • Social Skill Intervention tracker to measure progress
  • Social Skill Statement – Resource links

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