Sensory-based Wellbeing Plan


Helping young people understand their own internal system

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Creating a sensory-based well-being plan for children


This resource pack has been created, to identify the sensory input activities a young person can access to calm or activate their nervous system.  This works alongside a well-being support plan – as an effective method of achieving a calmer, more balanced emotional state.

The goal of this pack is to identify effective sensory activities that will regulate the young person’s nervous system down the Emotional Scale©.  By the end of the set of activities you will have:

  • Identified sensory activities that activate the young person’s nervous system
  • Identified sensory activities that calm the young person’s nervous system
  • Identified which sensory activities make a young person feel calm, fizzy, wobbly, hot, cold (linked to the Emotional Scale©)
  • Created a visual board of information with the young person, to help them in understanding their own internal system
  • Created a Sensory Well-being Support Plan – to prevent emotional overwhelm, through understanding a child’s internal nervous system
  • Understood what trigger’s the young person and therefore, what can de-escalate emotional overwhelm, through non-verbal strategies

In the pack:

  • Visual cards on each sensory system
  • Sensory Regulator Checklist
  • Sensory Well-being Support Plan (plus example)
  • Alerting Board
  • Soothing Board

Number of pages:

  • Sensory Regulator Checklist – 2 pages
  • Sensory Well-being Support Plan – 2 pages
  • Sensory Well-being Support Plan Pack – 18 pages

Font:  Dyslexia Friendly – Comic Sans, Open Dyslexic  (All Dyslexia Friendly)

Format: High Quality PDF Files

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